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Three reservoirs close to Park City are popular boating destinations. Jordanelle and Rockport Reservoirs are managed as Utah State Parks. Echo Reservoir is not part of the state park system but offers similar facilities. All three have concrete boat ramps, courtesy docks, modern restrooms, picnic areas, campgrounds and other facilities.

Boat rentals are available at Jordanelle and at Rockport.

Powerboats are used at all three reservoirs. Sailboats are popular at Deer Creek. Water skis, wake boards and pull toys are used extensively at all three waters. Kayaks, canoes and rubber rafts are seen occasionally. Powerboaters need to use caution to avoid non-motorized craft and people preparing to ski or tube.

Fishing is also very popular at these waters. Most fishermen use boats to work the shoreline areas.

These are cool water reservoirs where it is very pleasant to boat during the heat of summer. The prime season runs from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Docks are usually placed in the water before the Memorial Day holiday and left in place through September. You may launch and boat on these waters anytime they are not frozen. Ice usually forms in December and may last into April. Boating conditions can be pleasant in late September and early October. Fishermen often boat the open water during colder months, particular during April, May, October and November, but it may be very cold on the water.

Park Plaza Resort does not offer boat storage or parking on site. Contact your Concierge at Park Plaza Resort at Park Plaza Resort for reservations and suggestions!

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